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Professional athletes are fortunate.

They exercise daily to perfect their craft.  

They live their life, doing what they love the most, playing a sport.

These kind of athletes never have to think about maintaining health.

They experience health as if it were a spiritual event with needs that far exceed standard guidelines. These needs can only be met by a colorful diet and choice supplements. 

The goal of these athletes is to do everything they can to improve performance.

Many resort to banned practices.

The best method to improve performance is to have a full recovery from the previous session.

This program provides just that.

Meeting the needs of recovering muscles is essential to performance.

Most athletes live outside the ideal state and must absorb the impact on health from stress, comfort food, habitual drinking, smoking and all night partying. 

These assaults on their bodies places enormous strains on the liver’s detoxification system.

Good health requires that the liver detoxify drugs and direct its removal by the urinary system.

The kidney efficiently filters and separates the harmful wastes from the recyclables.

The liver’s primary responsibility is as a reservoir for glycogen storage and to metabolize and detoxify drugs.

Chemical reactions within the liver convert the drug into harmless metabolites that need to be removed. During the course of these reactions, many free radicals are produced. The cells of the liver present the first targets for these free radicals. If not neutralized the free radicals will attack the liver cell’s membranes after drugs are taken.

The microsomal enzymes present in the hepatocytres catalyze a series of chemical reactions, rendering the drug harmless but producing free radicals. Free radical scavengers such as those found in Milk Thistle, Artichokes and Dandelion protect hepatocytes from this damage. To best prepare an athlete’s liver for the demands of life, these botanical products should become a part of their diet.

The detoxification by the liver requires an assortment of enzyme systems working in balance to rid the body of harmful products. The products cause damage to the cells in which they come in contact with. The damage done to liver cells has long-term implications on health.

Adrenal, Liver and Rejuvenating Herbs

Free radicals are produced with every physiologic function of the body. Their removal is essential to prevent chronic diseases and allow the organs to recover from the stresses of activity.

Exercise, inflammation, cellular metabolism, wound healing all contribute to the production of free radicals.

Another source of oxidants produced by the body come from the activity of cytochrome enzymes. These enzymes are abundant in the lungs, liver and kidneys. They protect the body from toxins present in the air, water and food. The activity of these detoxifying enzymes results in the generation of free radicals that accumulate in the organ of detoxification, the liver.

Milk Thistle and Picroliv have hepatoprotective function directly related to their antioxidant activity and specificity to the liver. These herbs often work in synergistic fashion to produce results greater than the sum of their individual components.

This understanding is used to advantage in Chinese and Ayruvedic therapies where a select groups of herbs is administered to heal. A selection of the following herbs can be used to fortify and stimulate the liver, kidney and adrenal gland. In addition, they each have crossover effects relating to inflammation and joint recovery.



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