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A widespread and diverse group of interests threatens America.

They share a common goal; creating or treating unhealthy people.


Collectively. they have used their talents, expertise and positions of power to unleash an epidemic of illnesses on Americans.

They are the businesses that fuel unhealthy behavior.

They are the ones responsible for igniting a plague.

A plague that threatens the very foundation of our nation, its children.

Children, like an obedient dog, soak up inactivity and overeating exactly as they are supposed to.

They are programmed for illness.

It should come as no surprise that those entrusted to prevent this poisoning are among the biggest beneficiaries of disease.

They were given a lifestyle. They had no choice.

A life that minimizes activity, movement and exercise, and overemphasizes consumption.

Overconsumption of everything.

Build it and they will buy.


It's an early death sentence but a long life due to the treatments available.

his conspiracy of consumption has planted time bombs in children.

It is Corporate-America's unhealthy foods and lack of activity that has led to the startling rise in obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

These are chronic nutritional illnesses that represent the body’s rejection of a life filled with overeating and inactivity. 

Children  didn’t choose to be this way.

Their behavior was guided, directed and promoted by those wizards of business who programmed their minds to view unhealthy food as agents of pleasure.

A behavior that ultimately results in an insatiable appetite for drugs and a never ending need for medical treatment. 

By instilling a need for constant gratification or consumption, Corporate-America has established the unhealthy habits that have imprisoned children for life.

They are stuck inside of bodies that don’t move and can’t metabolize the poor food they have eaten.

This sedentary behavior ensured generations of consumers for an endless series of products.

Toys and technologies, sandwiches and snacks.

Products made at home and overseas by America's business.

Businesses that use laws to avoid taxrs and cheap labor to manufacture its products.

They must be restrained from funding behavior modification programs.

They make kids ill.

Consumers of their products become future patients for the healthcare machine.

What a convenient synergy.


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) ushered in a new era.


Gone are the days of uninsured, preexisting conditions and emergency room crowding.

What we still have, maybe even more so, is unhealthy people.

Neither ObamaCare or Don'tCare addressed that fundamental problem.


The only solution that can improve the health of Americans requires that in exchange for medical coverage, a person must follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Failure to comply results in no coverage even if it means death.


This can only work if the government foots the bill and establishes the guidelines.

But first things first, kill all the lawyers.