A Nation Threatened By Itself

America is besieged with illness. Walk down any street, board any plane or a train, attend any school or university, shop in any mall, eat in any restaurant or work at almost any job and one can not help but be shocked by the appalling physical condition of Americans.
I know the unfortunate, unhealthy people didn’t want to be ill. They didn’t dream of being fat, inactive and sedentary. Instead, they were guided on this journey by an amorphous, unspoken conspiracy. Their nutritional diseases are the predictable consequences of a life filled with of too much bad food and too little activity.
Metabolic dysfunction coupled to an eating addiction is a time-bomb of incalculable suffering.
America is now threatened more by nutritional diseases and the high cost of paying for their treatment than any national enemy,  The cost in dollars, human resources and misery is staggering.
Nutritional diseases, unlike illnesses caused by genetics or infectious agents, are initiated by the products and practices that makes up everyday life in new America.  In earlier times it was a deficiency of vitamins or minerals that caused disease. Nowadays it’s too much food and too little movement that cdoes the trick.
These diseases can therefore be considered, self inflicted.  But did the ill actually chose to have illness out of their own free will?  Or were they programmed for that behavior?
By Congress enacting laws that protected the fast food industry from future hypothetical lawsuits, involving obesity, diabetes and heart disease, we will never find out.
If politics is the opium of business then the powers of FEMA, PIMP and PIG are all hooked. Their political arms are marked like a junkies.
American businesses, through a veiled collaboration of  interests, have created a perpetual source of unhealthy people.
They have created a host of addictive compounds and a plethora of mood-altering drugs. These compounds trick the brain into feeling good and sre a poor substitute for healthy food and exercise, which really makes one feel good.
The high stress of modern life and the nutritional illnesses that flow from it, go hand in hand. This has given the pharmaceutical industry a perpetual need to develop new drugs.
American businesses owe their success to an ability to manipulate the minds of Americans to consume.  By embedding addictive compounds in food, and planting messages in their subconsciousness that signal eat, they are seeding sickness.
America’s businesses were given the freedom to promote unhealthy behavior in others. Behavior that rendered children susceptible to the power of persuasion and the molecular force of addiction  Once this pattern of behavior was established, child obesity rates skyrocketed.
Our government was entrusted to protect our environment. Not just the purity of the air and cleanliness of water but the sanctity of children’s internal metabolic environments as well.
And in that regard, the American government has failed. As a result of incompetence, indifference  and blatant disregard for their future, our children are suffering and their health is deteriorating.
American businesses were given free reign to develop novel protocols of treatment for nutritional diseases. They gave us Avandia and Alli, expensive drugs with serious side effects.
America’s businesses have used the power of addiction, the science of behavioral psychology and the art of neurological programming, to instill illness in children. They have employed the fruits of science to enslave generations to a lifetime of illness and a lifetime of treatment.
CorporateAmerica’s commitment to profits, whatever the price, is the root cause of our problem. They employed the power of neuromarketing, the science of programming and the biology of addiction to enslave children to their products, even though they knew it would cause illness.
We are now witnessing the heinous harm of putting profits before people. It is obvious that consumerism is not a healthy solution to our economic mess, nor is a laissez-fare attitude towards the food, entertainment and pharmaceutical industries, the way to end the free-market madness that rules healthcare
.  What a travesty!
The landscape that I see destroyed by malicious corporate executives, incompetent bureaucrats, and misguided officials is far more valuable than the losses from portfolios, home foreclosures and devaluation of our currency.
Illness makes life miserable, even more than poverty does.
This book warns of the danger to our country if we stay the present course. It is also a road map to personal good health. It is certainly not a blueprint to fix this mess.
Individuals are the victims of an undeclared war on health. The only solution that can help them avoid becoming one of its casualties is by adopting a program of exercise and colorful nutrition into daily life.
OverUse of Antibiotics
Doctors are now addicted to the practice of prescribing drugs, just as patients have become accustomed to receiving them.
Agricultural companies add to the problem by spiking animal feed with antibiotics in order to prevent ear infections in pigs. Antibiotic overuse demonstrates one more type of a self inflicted illness.
Iatrogenic diseases are illnesses caused by medical error.  In this case, the actual carrier of the disease are the antibiotic resistant bacteria that doctors created when they routinely overprescribed and over-administered, antibiotics.
Antibiotics are drugs used to fight infections caused by bacteria. They were discovered in the 1940's and immediately transformed medical care by reducing illness and death from infectious agents.
Antibiotics do not work on colds, upper respiratory tract infections, or any viral infections. Yet physicians waste billions of dollars in needlessly prescribing them. As a consequence of medical, patient and now agricultural overuse, bacteria have developed a resistance to antibiotics.  While overconsumption by consumers produced the nutritional diseases of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, overtreatment with antibiotics has led to the creation of resistant strains of bacteria and the rise of deadly pathogens.
Tuberculosis, staphylococcus and enterococcus have recently escaped out of the protective environment of hospitals and intensive care units and are now found circulating in the wild and in our food supply.
The overuse of antibiotics has led to the recent appearance of staphyloccus resistant strains in schools and a newer strain in hog farms. Staph (skin) has now joined tuberculosis (lungs) and enterococcus (intestine and urinary tract) as infectious agents, newly resistant to treatment. These infections were once restricted and limited to hospitals where antibiotic use is essential to patient management.
Doctors who overprescribe drugs in their practices and farmers who add antibiotics to animal feed have provided the bacteria they hope to kill with all the information they need to alter their genetic code and defeat the antibiotic. The bacterium’s ability to successfully mutate and avoid destruction is based on their ability to use of this information.
At one time antibiotics could manage the entire spectrum of bacteria. Doctor’s were able to destroy every pathogenic bacterium without exception. In fact, there was usually more than one antibiotic that could accomplish that goal. It was just a matter of selecting the right antibiotic.
That was the golden age of medicine. A simpler time with straightforward diseases and doctors who practiced the art of healing. In today’s world, chronic nutritional diseases, addictions and iatrogenic illnesses dominate the practice of medicine, none of which leads to magic bullet solutions.
Overprescribed antibiotics have created a new form of old diseases. These maladies are still caused by the same infectious agents but are resistant to treatment. For example, the excessive use of antibiotics has caused the transformation of typical staph infections to a potentially deadly one called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA; pronounced, Mursa. MRSA kills 20,000 Americans per year.
Hospital acquired or HA-MRSA is resistant to all antibiotics except vancomycin. While vancomycin is still able to kill Staph. aureus, a new strain, dubbed ST398, has emerged from the confines of hog farms and is now found in pork products.
We are at the dawn of a new age, a return to the pre-antibiotic era when doctors were powerless to act in the face of massive illness. Back then, scientists discovered natural products that could end those illnesses. This time, it will be up the drug companies to develop more powerful drugs to stem the surge of of illnesses

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