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Botanical Ingredient Active  Agents Actions/Preventive and  Athletic Effecst


Bilberry Flavonoids Antioxidant for eyes and the brain

Anthocyanosides Collagen cross linkahe,

Strenthening cappilary walls Vision and ocular circulation


Hawthorn Flavonoids Vitamin C sparing

Proanthocyanidins Coronary artery dilation

Antioxidants Improved cardiac performance


Garlic Sulfur Compounds Anti-microbial, anti-carcinogenic

Allicin Anti-inflamamtory,

Improved HDL/LDL ratio

Immune enhancement


Ginger Gingerols Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesia,

Inhibits prostaglandin formation

Dissolves acids in synovial fluid1. Improved circulation to joints

Cholesterol lowering



Ginkgo Biloba Gingkosides Antioxidant

Vasodilation of coronary vessels

Improved blood flow to the brain

Inhibition of platelet sticking

Cholestrol regulation


Chilli Pepers Capsaicin Analgesia, counter-inflamatory, Substance P


Boswellia Boswellic acid Anti-inflammatory via leukotriene inhibition

Sternthening blood vessels and

Improved blood supply to joints


Tumeric Cucuminoids Anti-inflammatory Antioxidant Analgesia


Licorice Glcyrrhizic acid Adrenal cortex stimulation

Glabridin Anti-inflammatory .

Digestive Aid

Improvement in joints


Milk Thistle Silymarin1. Increase in glutathione peroxidase activity

Inhibits lipoxygenase, hepatoprotective

Liver Antioxidant and  Anti-inflammatory





Botanical Ingredient Active Agent Actions and Effect


Panax Ginseng Saponins Stimulation of Adrenal cortex

Ginsenosides Adaptation to stress

Antioxidants Improved lipid profile

Increase insulin sensitivity Increase in VO2 max

Increase d glycogen storage



Siberian Ginseng Eleutrosides ACTH-Cortisol stimulation

Blood sugar regulation

Blood pressure reduction.

Calmative effect on CNS Adaptation to exercise

Reduction in fatigue

Increased cardiac efficiency


American Ginseng antoxidants Calmative effect





Rhodiola Saponins

Antioxidants Endorpin Inhibition

Lipase induction

Improved Fatty acid metabolism. Increase creatine stores Pain modulation


Coffee Caffeine Diuresis

Lipolysis. Adrenaline release

CNS stimulation

Fatty acid utilization

Glycogen sparing Increase Glucose uptake


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