The financial meltdown of 2008 was caused by insatiable greed and a slew of speculators, swindlers and sham artists who populate financial services.

These professionals gamed the system for corporate and personal profits, knowing full well that they would never be held accountable.

They applied the power of business and leveraged other people's money to enrich themselves.

They never considered the repercussions.

Their lack of personal risk helped precipitate the meltdown,.

This kind of fiscal exuberance is rampant today and is fermenting the present crisis in health care.

The men and women responsible for the accelerated decay of Americans are the leaders of business and the products of our nation’s business and law schools.

They were taught to embrace the power of money and sought refuge in the laws governing corporations.

They were exposed to the philosophy of greed and seduced by the power it brought.

They have brought this nation to its knees.

The American Constitution was established to ensure the freedom and dignity of individuals.

It was not intended to protect businesses.

But that is exactly what it does now.


Between politicians in need of cash and the lobbyists who supply it, the right to remain healthy has been decimated.

This, as the right to medical care becomes sacrosanct.


A library of businesses started the American epidemic.

Obesity, heart disease and diabetes are at unheard of rates.

The profit in treatments guarantees no one need go without them.

America is wallowing in the foothills of a calamity.

The challenge she faces is like no other.

The world has never seen such horror.

An epidemic of widespread misery.

It is visually apparent, engulfing every group and knows no bounds.

An epidemic blamed on victims and not the instigators.

Business, the American engine.

Bottom line above all else.

America needs to stop genuflecting at the altar of business and start valuing her precious treasure, our children. 

Businesses must be held accountable for the poisoning of children and the illnesses that flow from the inactivity and sedentary life they demand.

While it was once the military and industrial companies that drove America's economic engine, it is now the creation and treatment of illnesses that does the driving.



Profits before patients.

Poisons before health.


 The exuberance that defined the financial crisis is also present in the food, entertainment, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

These interests share a common goal; creating or treating unhealthy people.

Collectively. they have used their talents, expertise and position to unleash an epidemic of illnesses on Americans.

They are the businesses that fuel unhealthy behavior.

They are the manufacturers, distributors and marketers of food, technologies and inactivity. They are responsible for igniting a cultural plague and sentencing children to a life of misery.

This plague threatens the very foundation of our nation, its children.

 A plague that benefits the companies who manufacture and provide the treatments needed to combat illness.

They are the lawyers, lobbyists and consultants who help the aforementioned professionals.

They elect politicians who then bemoan the cost of care and debate cuts in entitlements.

The enemy is we!

This homegrown epidemic is responsible for the explosion of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Other plagues like those due to infectious agents are a walk in the park compared to this.

Theycould be treated. This one, requires a revolution.

This one was started, spread and driven by the wolves of Wall Street and their quest for perpetual profits.

Corporate-America has transformed the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans and in the process earned countless billions of dollars in profit.

American children, the targets.

Their psyches were subjugated and enslaved by the most sophisticated tools of coercion ever devised, repetitive messaging.

The purpose of targeting children, as difficult as it is to believe, is to make as many of them unhealthy as possible.

The business plan that was followed for the nation evolved from this blueprint.  Consistent, continual and excessive consumption.

As added incentive, the ability to afford and thereby consume these products became synonymous with success.

Bigger home, bigger car, bigger belly.


Build it and they will buy.

This is the lifestyle of choice. A life that minimizes activity, movement and exercise, and overemphasizes consumption.

It's an early death sentence but a long life due to the treatments available.

This sedentary behavior ensured generations of consumers for an endless series of products. Toys and technologies, sandwiches and snacks. Products made both at home and overseas by America's business. How can they be restrained from funding the behavior modification activities that makes kids ill.

Consumers of their products become future patients for the healthcare machine.

What a convenient synergy.

This conspiracy of consumption has planted time bombs in children. It is Corporate-America's unhealthy foods and lack of activity that has led to the startling rise in obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

These are chronic nutritional illnesses that represent the body’s rejection of a life filled with overeating and inactivity.  

Children didn’t choose to be this way. Their behavior was guided, directed and promoted by those wizards of business who programmed their minds to view unhealthy food as agents of pleasure.

A behavior that ultimately results in an insatiable appetite for drugs and a never ending need for medical treatment. 

By instilling a need for constant gratification or consumption, Corporate-America has established the unhealthy habits that have imprisoned children for life.

They are stuck inside of bodies that don’t move and can’t metabolize the poor food they have eaten.

It should come as no surprise that those entrusted to prevent this poisoning are among the biggest beneficiaries of disease.

The healthcare bureaucracy thrives on suffering. Government regulations do nothing for the millions imprisoned in their ill bodies.

Together they have flamed the fires of this epidemic. 

When it came to prepare for a pandemic of H1N1(swine flu), the NIH, the FDA, and the DHHS, responded magnificently.

But when it comes to fighting this self-inflicted, cultural pandemic, these agencies have drawn blanks.

They can't bite the hand that feeds them.

We have become a society dedicated to creating wealth through the destruction of health.

The essence of what I call a cultural plague, are the nutritional diseases of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

To appreciate the insidious nature of this pandemic it is necessary to understand the myriad of symptoms associated with those illnesses and how widespread they have become.

Weight gain, fatigue, high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol profile, insulin resistance, arthritis, immunosensinity, allergies, muscle atrophy, even cancer are linked to nutritional diseases. These are the symptoms that hundreds of millions of Americans are now experiencing.

And all of these diseases result from the combination of unhealthy foods and inactivity. Well not all, genes have a say.

No individual is immune to them, yet all of them can be prevented. They can affect anyone who lives a sedentary lifestyle but can be avoided with a colorful diet and movement. 

Life is hard enough when healthy, disease makes life much harder. While disease causes unhappiness and misery to the individual, it is the treatment of their symptoms that is the threat to our nation.

Continuing along the present path of overconsumption, inactivity and overtreatment, will ultimately prove to be too expensive.   Demands for a draconian correction will ensue and then all bets are off.

Healthcare costs, especially those associated with chronic illnesses, are destroying the fiscal health of this nation while our government searches for a better way to pay for them. This is three card Monty on a national scale. Keep your eye on the red!

This is no solution.  We need a government committed to improving health; not one focused on paying for the management of disease.

Americans needs to move again.



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