Smart drugs are a unique group of drugs that share the ability to improve learning.

They are called nootropic drugs.

Nootropes are products that prevent the deterioration or extend the duration of nerve transmissions.

 Nootropes are compounds that prolong nerve impulses.That is the essence of cognitive enhancement.


The brain is responsible for movement and cognition.

The real estate in the brain is sectioned off based on the role they play in life's processes.

Cerebellum for balance, cortex for reasoning, the hippocampus for the storage and processing of information and the hypothalamus-pituitary for regulation.

 Armed with the knowledge of neuro-chemistry, scientists are targeting frontal subcortical areas and basal ganglia to create new drugs.

Drugs to treat mood, appetite and dementia. 

Drugs used to treat these conditions, like Adderall, are being being used to help students study.


Nootropes, take this even further.

These are small molecules that cross the blood-brain barrier where they enhance nerve transmissions.

When transmissions are enhanced they result in better focus and retention

Nootropics are one-of-a kind molecules.

Many exist, some we even know about. But there is a library of compounds in the natural world and even more when manipulated by humans.

And so a slew of nootropic laboratories have sprouted to supply the cutting-edge seeking, success driven types who want every advantage they can buy.

Unlke the professional athletes who break rules to gain an unfair advantage, these men and women love cognition and are using drugs to improve it.

Each nootrope has its own unique, chemical structure.  

Nootropics are united as a group in only one way.

Based on their ability to affect learning and memory. 


Steroids on the other hand, are a group of compounds with similar structures and functions.


Augmenting the body''s chemistry to improve performance is not new.  

Anabolic steroids increase the production of muscle. 


The side effects from steroids dooms them as potential aids. They are banned and rightly so.


Stacking metabolites to alter the molecular envioronment is another matter. It is a common practice in the bodybuilding world where doping tests fear to go.


Stacking promotes testosterone formation.  Testosteone turns on the cell''s machinery that builds muscle.  In essence, users are micromanaging their own biochemistry to cause growth. Done without consideratiion to the physical and behavioral changes thay accompany steroid use.


Nootropic programs alter transmissions in the brain to improve cognitive function. Here, small-sized molecules have big-time effects.


Psychopharmacology is the branch of science that investigates the treatment of mental illnesses. Pharmacological companies fund in one or another, the development of all drugs.  The amount they have that target the brain is staggering. 


Many new compounds have been developed or are under investigation by researchers. As many as a thousand or so such trials are underway. They are tested on the ill and the results are closely monitored by the nootropic community.


The concept is simple. If it helps during disease, it might be improve or enhance health. Healthy people are using the products manufactured to treat defects and deficits. They  visit doctors who prescribe them the drugs. Of course they have to become familiar enough with the symtoms to fake it but that seems fair to them.

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