The dietary supplement industry was started by medicinal charlatans. Entrepreneurs, whose expertise was in business and marketing, not health and science.

Garage startup, little investment and no regulation, entrepreneurial nirvana for college dropouts.

They didn't have a clue about the quality of the products they manufactured or sold.  

They didn’t care about the library of phytocompounds embedded in plants or why it was essential to maintain this library. 

During the refinement processes, some compounds are either lost or converted into harmful agents.


They market and sell product.

Some rent their names to other companies' products.

They ensure compliance with laws and that's about it.

They have no regard for quality or purity and are simply motivated to produce the cheapest product.

If toys from China is scary, imagine what growers and toll manufacturers are getting away with!

The goal of these companies, like all companies is to make money.

Supplement entrepreneurs manufacture low cost formulas, slap a colorful label on the bottle and market it with misleading terms that describe the product’s concentration, purity and potency. Since they are forbidden by the FDA to claim medicanal effects, marketing is all that seperate the products.

These products may all meet the FDA requirement governing labels but none meet the standards needed to insure efficacy.

The field of botanical medicine is constantly discredited by research conducted with economical formulas on sedentary people as opposed to pharmaceutical grade, herbs on active healthy people..  

There is a world of difference between the two.

The significantly higher expense of pharmaceutically standardized herbs eliminates almost the entire fraud ridden industry from being considered as manufacturers of quality products despite their creative marketing.

All of them skirt the FDA’s labeling laws and all refrain from claiming to improve health. The most duplicitous are the products that help athletes loose weight and bulk up.  Their right to sell these products to unsuspecting consumers is protected by law.

Like the food industry, any attempt to infringe on their ability to sell their products, mobilizes an army of lawyers and lobbyists to frame the debate as an attack on freedom.

Personal freedom does not include the right to poison Americans.

Banned Drugs

Elite athletes don’t suffer from nutritional diseases.  Their use of  mind-altering, psycho-stimulating, addictive, recreational drugs may be less than sedentary Americans but they undo this good when they cheat with PEDs, or performance enhancement drugs.

PEDs are banned for the unfair edge they provide and are illegal due to the harm and danger they pose to their users.

Recreational drugs are effective because they bind with receptors in the brain. Those that influence hunger are the amphetamines, a group classified as Schedule II drugs.

Amphetamines are banned in sports, not because of their effect on the brain but rather because of their ability to increase energy delivery to active muscles, a clear advantage to athletes. Amphetamines are harmfull and dangerous because they are addictive and cause mental instability. Methamphetamine labs require very little technical expertise and even less equipment.


Steroid hormones on the other hand, are drugs that can be synthesized only in well-equipped basement laboratories. They can also be detected in urine samples and blood tests, providing the tester knows what to look for.

Steroids are phenolic ringed compounds that are lipid soluble, providing it with an ability to pass through cell and nuclear membranes so it can  bind with a predetermined sections of the cell’s DNA. Steroids cause growth of muscle through this effect.

Properly regulated, steroid hormones are responsible for the myriad of wonders the human body has achieved. From pregnancy and birth to growth and development, steroid hormones allow the body to respond to the instructions sent out by the brain.

Pharmaceutical steroids and their analogs, metabolic intermediaries, designer prohormones, recombinant growth hormone and secretagogues are all available for purchase from personal trainers, stength coaches, doctors or through the internet.

They are taken by athletes to circumvent the rules and gain an unfair advantage, destroy this precise interplay and place the athlete’s health in jeopardy.

Some are fully functional hormones, others need to be modified by the body, and still others that have no similarity with hormones at all. They may structurally resemble them and can therefore mimic their activity. These are called analogs.

Analogs structurally resemble or chemically mimic the restricted drugs and are thus able to bind with the same membrane receptors as the banned drugs.  Analog drugs induce natural steroid production by providing its essential precursor.

These drugs bind to receptors just as the banned or natural substance but escape detection due to minor changes in structure. In addition to steroids, synthetic growth hormone or stimulators of growth hormone also avoid detection.

Far and away the biggest problem faced by the anti-doping regulators is growth hormone. The inability to distinguish between native hormone and its synthesized form has allowed many athletes to cheat, improve performance without harm and escape detection. The fact that is also beneficial to health makes the use of growth hormone, a troubling dilemma.

Growth hormone or GH is a series of amino acids. In other words, growth hormone is not a steroid, it is a simple protein found in two forms Human or hGH and recombinant or rGH.

Since growth hormone production requires pharmaceutical conditions and expertise, it can not easily be manufactured in basement and black market laboratories the way steroids are. Therefore, growth hormone requires legitimate, pharmaceutical sources and licensed medical doctors in order to cheat.


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