Baby-boomers are growing old... fast.

That is the essence of the present predicament we as a nation are facing.

When all is said and done, the future surivalbility of the United States rests on paying for their march towards death.

With border and terrorism dominating the political landscape, it is entilement programs for babyboomers that is America's  greatest obstacle to solvency.

Boomers are showing signs of neglect, deterioration and disease. As their medical and drug bills keep accumulating, they act entitled to it.

They should feel disgrace.

In their view, it's just another debt they can pass on to their children like it was their birthright.  Children, who they have vicariously re-lived their youth through, will have their own astronomical medical bills to pay for.

Can you imagine? Children forced to carry both medical burdens when they reach adulthood.

Poor eating habits, lack of exercise and food addictions are undermining the health of children.

This, and their parent's ill health, are the real gathering threats to this nation. This is domestic terrorism and no war is being waged against it.

No one is shutting government down over their illnesses.

We have too much debt and so little to show for it. 

Bridges and roads are in disrepair, our schools are failing and our children's bodies are systematically being poisoned.

This nation is ill-equipped to deal with the chronic diseases caused by over-abundance.

We are now a vglutinous society.


Baby-boomers, like all parents, were entrusted to safeguard the health of their children. But babyboomers instead, ignored their kids needs and gratified their own.

The consequences of ill-health in children is even more frightening than the ill health of their baby-boomer parents. This may sound like generational warfare but I feel a certain responsibility as a boomer, parent, educator and doctor to speak out.

Boomers have failed in their responsibility to themselves and their children. They behave as if there are no consequences to their actions. They are a generation in denial.

Through their actions, they are forcing our children and their children to pay for their costly medical bills and the long retirement they will have, courtesy of modern medicine.

Though their life is prolonged, it won’t be any healthier. They’ll just live longer and drain more resources.

On a personal level, everyone needs to take charge of their own health while they still have it. They need to nourish their bodies in order to extend and prolong the youth of life. It isn’t enough to just extend it. They need to stay active and fuel that activity with sound nutrition.

Baby-boomers have cashed in on the profits of multinational corporations and fast food franchises, as shareholders and owners.

They ignored the dangers their products posed because they were more concerned with the state of their financial portfolios than the metabolic conditions of their children.

As leaders of government, schools, hospitals and clinics, boomers had a chance to prevent this nutritional epidemic. Instead they flamed the fires and made the chronic diseases of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, an epidemic. 

They were supposed to prevent this from happening. Instead, they contributed to it.


In addition to their own ill health and the expenses associated with them, the cost of their social security will soon get passed on to their children and grandchildren.

In addition to the cost of caring for this aging, unhealthy group of Americans, their inability to quench addiction to prescription medications is one of the driving forces behind our fiscal mess.

Medical spending is the fastest rising segment of the economy. It is fueled in large part, by the biggest entitlement in history, the drug giveaway of 2003. This was the present boomers game themselves via Congress and Bush 43.

This, the most irresponsible act of an irresponsible generation.

Baby-boomers are a lost generation.

Future generations will be condemned to fiscal insolvency by the unbridled spending of government.

Tomorrow’s children will inherit and drown in the tsunami of debt that will be passed on to them by the cowards of government. And it will be a lot sooner than anyone can imagine.

Children, now in the dawn of life, shouldn't have to worry about their parent’s sunsets or obsessive fear of growing old. Instead of experiencing the wonder and joy of adult life, America’s children will live with fears, nightmares and guilt over  their responsibility in paying for their parent’s life extension.

If today, we removed all the impediments to health, in fifty years we might be OK. Balancing the books is not the solution. We need wellness programs for children, not better benefits for seniors.

Principals, Headmasters and Chancellors take pride in educating not only the minds of our children, but their bodies as well. At least that is what they claim. If that is so, then why are there so many unhealthy children and young adults?

I believe it is high time they put their money where their mouth is. If they would just institute a few changes there would not be so many unhealthy children.

Between the lack of movement in their day and the high fat, refined carbohydrates and lack of omega 3s in their food, it is no wonder children have become unhealthy. Add the cost of nutritional addiction and it should not surprise anyone how children have become so ill.

As they age, their inactivity combined with a lack of antioxidants, a consequence of poor nutrition, exposes their cell’s receptors to free radical attack.

Since free radicals have predilection for attacking membrane receptors thereby altering their binding domains, the chronic illness they cause prevents these kids from metabolisizing nutrients properly.

Our children have had their priorities misdirected and their energies diverted away from activity because healthy kids are an unprofitable lot.  They have denigrated the importance of exercise in school, work and leisure. It is down played, relative to academic success and money earned. This philosophy is a form of assisted suicide.

Good health isn’t viewed as a status symbol but it should be.

I hear parents and kids bemoan that they don’t have the time to exercise. There are other things they need to do that are more important than exercise. The tragedy of this is that they actually believe that and the fact that it is validated by the world around them.

Unhealthiness is now a fact of life in America .

It is good for business. Ensuring profits is the American way. The unhealthy are ill, not by choice or because of their genes, although both are contributing factors. Its the life they live. Even with a change, it is probably too late for them but it is not too late for their kids.

The human body demands movement, activity and exercise. Relegating exercise to a luxury afforded by those with time, money and talent, instead of an essential component of health, contributes to the malaise and ill health of Americans.

For individuals unable to meet the time constraints, imposed by regular exercise, a lifetime of ill health awaits.

There are too many unhealthy people in this country to have had it been a coincidence. There is a conspiracy afoot to undermine the health of this country by poisoning its children and imprisoning them to a lifetime of illnesses.

America’s children were supposed to be protected from the forces of unhealthiness.

Parents, schools and government have all failed in their responsibility to protect kids. They have led the children of this nation to a physical abyss. Our children are inundated with false, misleading and repetitive messages.

The institutions of higher learning, especially those considered the most highly selective, boast of how well their choices have turned out.

They are proud of how their graduates populate leadership roles in government and business, how they occupy the academic chairs of other institutions. As if bright minds and good jobs justified their methods. While their educational methods are laudable, their lack of emphasis on physical activity is not. A good intellect is not all that is needed in life.

The love of exercise is a gift that all parents should give their children. Exercise is an activity that instills confidence, improves mood and fosters a sense of well-being.

Instead of exercise, boomers bestowed material blessings on their children, hoping that it would somehow makeup for their lack of parenting. After all, those long hours and sacrifice was really all for their benefit.

They are now disillusioned group, preoccupied with fear. Fear of aging, their 401k plans and retirement. In pursuing material success, the boomers lost sight of their dreams.  Boomers became addicted to the trappings of material wealth, prescription drugs and alcohol. Whereas they once used drugs as a form of expression and rebellion, they now depend on alcohol, viagra and painkillers. Their use of prescription drugs to maintain their ill-health is being paid with their children’s credit cards. My god is that a travesty.


Inaction and silence has defined the Boomer generation. They were the cowards who sent America to war but when it was their time to fight, they evaded and enrolled. Yet they watched and cheered as tens of thousands of children marched to Iraw to the silent sound of waving flags. They remained equaly silent as their children were poisoned with food and inactivity.


There are over a million Boomers who depend on a daily fix. They undergo a battery of tests to evaluate any and all possible disorders. Modern medicine calls this Prevention. No longer aiming to go ‘eight miles high’ nor ‘willing to go anywhere’, these Boomers fill the waiting rooms of doctors to receive their prescriptions for erectile aids, tranquilizers, muscle relaxants, and cholesterol, blood pressure, and heartburn medications. That, in addition to the acid reflux blockers and mood altering drugs they take.


Boomers need their meds.


The boomers replaced the mind altering drugs of their youth  with today’s miracle cures. They abandoned their once lofty dreams and settled for material gratification, food being one form of it.

Boomers aren’t all this way. The smart ones stick with an exercise regime. You see them in gyms and parks, they take active vacations and seem ageless while far too many rely on doctors and drugs.



Addiction to food and prescription drugs is an exploding health problem with huge economic ramifications for our children.


The same consideration afforded narcotic users and alcoholics, should be extended to food addicts and users of Big Pharma’s drugs including Rush Limbaugh and America's veterans. Rush is no worse than the local drug addict who stumbles down the alleyways of America’s cities. He should be afforded the same consideration that they are. And on one deserves more empathy than veterans.
Veterans are treated in such a shodddy manner, that they were better off when they were waring. Prescription drug addiction is further devaleuing their service.


Boomer Submission

Baby-Boomers are growing old and they aren’t going quietly. As they slowly march to their graves, they are raiding the medical fridge in the process.

Their health is a great risk to America and no miracle drug can change that. They are the time bomb that is ticking away at America’s health by consuming as much of its fiscal pie as they can.

They have reached maturehood in a terribly unhealthy state and are thus very profitable to Big Pharma, hospitals and insurance companies.

Hospitals in particular benefit from their illnesses since they depend on a steady supply of unhealthy baby-boomers in order to remain fully occupied. The only danger hospitals face is a shortage of patients, which is not likely to occur with this generation.

Boomers live in a comfortably numb state, impervious to the wants and needs of children, whose ill health will be with them for the rest of their life.


They weren’t always this way. They came of age during the turbulent and rebellious years of the sixties. We were an idealistic generation that rejected convention, materialism and which was weaned on sex, drugs, and rock and roll.


Why have boomers conformed and submitted so willingly? Why were they so easily bought off with material gratification, comfort and drugs? Instead of guiding their children to a better life, they became the model to enslave future generations of children.

Each generation has a responsibility to pass on to its children,  good health. In doing so they would be making the world a better place for them to grow up in. This would give meaning to their life.  Instead, this selfish generation abdicated their responsibility and pacified their children with nannies, food, video games, spectator sports and TV.

Not only did they fail to instill a love to exercise, boomer parents gave their children the love of leisure time and a penchant for inactivity.

They taught them to find short cuts in life and good excuses for failure. Put in as little physical effort as possible; walk don’t run, sit rather than stand, take the elevator instead of stairs, watch but don’t play,  be a spectator, not a participant, study hard and exercise less. This is their legacy. What a generation!


Boomers have no concern for the consequences of their poor choices. In addition to their misguidance in rearing their children, they intend to bankrupt them by insisting that every medication and surgery to extend lives, should be available to them, despite living a lifestyle that should have precluded them from receiving such gifts.

Liver transplants for alcoholics, coronary bypass for inactive workaholics, liposuction, botox injections, and Viagra for aging don’t wannabes.

Baby-boomers are hell bent on receiving every drug, treatment protocol or device that their insurers will cover. Hearing aids, motor scooters, laser treatments as well as a host of implants, transplants, augments and fillers. They feel entitled to these treatments due to the payroll contributions, which they have made over the decades.

Unfortunately, their costs are far in excess to what they contributed as a part of their earning. This means that the burden for paying for these services, will fall to their children and grandchildren.

So it is the young that have been left defenseless against the wolves of Wall street and the hitmen of health who have ignored all warnings of fiscal irresponsibility.  We as a nation have refused to act on the impending doom. We continue to believe that we can grow our way out of these expenses by being more productive and innovative as a society. What a crock!



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